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A State of Decay
A State of Decay - Oral Health America (OHA)-2018 Oral Health America
A systematic review of silver diamine fluoride: Effectiveness and application in older adults Hendre et al.
Access to and patterns of use of oral health care among elderly veterans Gilbert
Adverse oral health and cognitive decline: the health, aging and body composition study Stewart et al.
ADVOCACY GUIDE-A State of Decay -2018 Oral Health America
Assessment of dentally related functional competency for older adults with cognitive impairment--a survey for special-care dental professionals Chen and Clark
Burden of Oral Disease Among Older Adults and Implications for Public Health Priorities Griffin et al.
Burden of oral disease among older adults and implications for public health priorities Griffin et al.
CDC - Oral Health for Adults - Fact Sheets - Publications - Division of Oral Health Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CDC - Oral Health for Older Americans - Fact Sheets - Publications - Division of Oral Health Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Community factors predicting dental care utilization among older adults Lee et al.
Cross-Sectional Association between the Number of Missing Teeth and Cardiovascular Disease among Adults Aged 50 or Older International Journal of Vascular Medicine
Demonstrating the need for oral health education in geriatric institutions Matear
Dental anxiety and oral health outcomes among rural older adults Bell et al.
Dental Homes for Older Americans: The Santa Fe Group Call for Removal of the Dental Exclusion in Medicare Chávez et al.
Ethnic disparities in self-reported oral health status and access to care among older adults in NYC Shelley et al.
Evidence From ElderSmile for Diabetes and Hypertension Screening in Oral Health Programs Marshall et al.
Executive Summary- A State of Decay 2018 Oral Health America
Geriatric Oral Health Care Delivery in the United States of America Al-Sulaiman and Jones
Health, US 2014 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Improving the oral health of older people: the approach of the WHO Global Oral Health Programme Petersen and Yamamoto
Infographic: A State of Decay Report
Integrating oral and general health screening at senior centers for minority elders Marshall et al.
Interprofessional Solutions for Improving Oral Health in Older Adults The Gerontological Society and of America
JADA+ Specialty Scan — Healthy Aging
Key Results-A State of Decay-2018 Oral Health America
Long-term dental visiting patterns and adult oral health Thomson et al.
Minimising barriers to dental care in older people Borreani et al.
Modeling social dimensions of oral health among older adults in urban environments Metcalf et al.
Older Americans Need Better Access to Dental Care PEW
Oral health among white, black, and Mexican-American elders: an examination of edentulism and dental caries Wu et al.
Oral Health and Aging Raphael
Oral Health and Dietary Intake in Older Adults Fukutake et al.
Oral health for aging veterans. Making a difference: priorities for quality care research agenda
Oral Health for Older Adults in California Advocacy Guide Christ
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Resources needed to enhance and develop health services research to improve the oral health status of the aging veteran in the Department of Veterans Affairs System Weyant
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Seeking Dental Care For Older Americans Jaffe
Self-reported oral health and oral health behaviors in older adults in the last year of life Chen et al.
Skilled_Nursing_Facility_Dental_Services_Guidelines Center for Oral Health
State Spotlights from Across the U.S.A. Oral Health America
Surveillance for use of preventive health-care services by older adults, 1995-1997 Janes et al.